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LIFEFLASH, by Tom Deaderick (eBook)

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Meet Jon Falvo's eyes,
and he knows everything about you,
and you have a day to live.

In the future, the scarcest resource is someone else's attention.

Cameras are everywhere, mounted in the virtual reality gear that everyone wears, and in every room. Life-streaming, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality have remade the world.

Marty Selena is a cop longing to be a detective, but the cameras and identity-recognition systems leave few unsolved cases. She joins a retro-reality club where members draw cold cases from the past and solve them using the future’s advanced technologies.

Marty draws one of Jon Falvo's early vigilante missions. Digging deeper, she discovers that Falvo has killed hundreds and escaped capture. He is a jackpot for Marty, as she hunts him her follower count rockets.

But Jon’s LIFEFLASH has grown stronger.
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